I. ship ship 1 [ʆɪp] noun [countable]
a large boat used for carrying people or goods across the sea:

• The island's waste is taken by ship to the mainland.

ˈcargo ship TRANSPORT
a ship built to carry goods rather than people
conˈtainer ship TRANSPORT
a large fast ship built to carry container S (= large metal boxes specially designed for moving goods)
ˈdirty ship TRANSPORT
a tanker that has not yet been cleaned out and so is not ready to take another load
ˈdry ship TRANSPORT
a ship carrying goods such as tobacco and sugar that are not in liquid form
ˈfactory ship
a large fishing boat, carrying all the equipment needed for cleaning, freezing etc the fish that are caught
ˈgeneral ship TRANSPORT
a cargo ship that has not been chartered, so it can carry goods for anyone
ˈmerchant ship TRANSPORT TRAVEL
a ship used to carry goods or passengers, rather than soldiers, military equipment etc
  [m0] II. ship ship 2 verb shipped PTandPPX shipping PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. TRANSPORT COMMERCE to send or carry something by ship:
ship something out/​to somebody etc

• I had my car shipped out to me.

2. TRANSPORT COMMERCE to send or deliver something by road, train, or air:
ship something to somebody

• A new computer was shipped to him within two weeks.

3. COMMERCE to make goods, especially computer software, available for people to buy or use:

• The software giant declined to release the number of units its subsidiary has shipped.

* * *

ship UK US /ʃɪp/ verb
[T] TRANSPORT, COMMERCE to send or transport something by sea: ship sth to sb/sth »

The vessel was used to ship gold bullion to America.

[I or T] TRANSPORT, COMMERCE to send goods by air, train, or road, or to be sent in this way: ship sth to sb/sth »

The company will ship purchases to any address within the US.


I asked the suppliers to ship us a replacement as soon as possible.


We don't currently ship outside the EU.


They assured me our order will be shipping tomorrow.

[I or T] COMMERCE, IT to make something, especially computer products and equipment, available for sale, or to become available: »

The company is now shipping the first in a new series of interactive DVDs.


This software has been shipping for a while now.

See Note MAIL(Cf. ↑mail)
ship UK US /ʃɪp/ noun [C] TRANSPORT
a large boat used for transporting goods or people by sea: »

There were several ships waiting in the dock for their cargo to be unloaded.

abandon/jump ship — Cf. jump ship
See also CARGO(Cf. ↑cargo), CONTAINER(Cf. ↑container), DELIVERED EX SHIP(Cf. ↑delivered ex ship), EX SHIP(Cf. ↑ex ship), FACTORY SHIP(Cf. ↑factory ship), FREE ALONGSIDE SHIP(Cf. ↑free alongside ship), MERCHANT SHIP(Cf. ↑merchant ship)

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